Introduction to Networking

Network Architecture

Network architecture is the design of computers and other devices in a network. There are two types of network architecture

1. Peer-to-peer Network (P2P)

  • In a P2P network, all computers have the same status. It means all computers in this network can share hardware and data.
  • Network OS and application software are installed on every computer.
  • This network is suitable for small businesses and home users because it normally connects less than 10 computers.
  • It is easy to set up and maintain but provides less security because data is stored at different locations.

2. Client-Server Network

  • In a client-server network, one or more computers works as servers (host) and other computer work as client. The client computers are connected with server computers to access the resources and data.
  • Client computers request server computers to access resources or data. Then, the server computer provides the requested resource or data.
  • Client computers are less powerful than server computers
  • It is an expensive network because of costly server computers, but it provides better security than a P2P network.