Intro to DBMS

Database System

The Database System stores data in electronic storage called a database and performs various operations on this data through DBMS software.

Descriptive diagram of database system

Basic Elements of Database System 

There are three basic terms of the Database system. Students are mostly confused with these terms. These three terms are totally different from each other. let’s understand:

1.    Databases

A database is a well-organized collection of related data that is stored electronically. This data may be in any format, either structured or unstructured.

Term Data: In simple words, data is some collection of related facts to any object. For example, your name, RollNo, age, height, weight, etc. are some data related to you.

A cylindrical structure represents the database storage, as we can see in the following diagram.

Database diagram in Database system


2.    Database Management System (DBMS)

It is concerned with various operations (i.e., add, update, delete, etc.) on database data. DBMS uses any of the following software to perform various operations on data,

  • SQL Serve
  • DB2
  • Oracle 9i, 11, 12c etc.

3.    User/Applications/Other DB’s

Users, applications, or other DBs need to be intact with data that is actually present in the database storage. This interaction with data is possible with the help of any DBMS software (i.e., MYSQL).

Note: When a user fills out an online form on any website and submits it, data is updated in the database through the DBMS software of that website.

In upcoming lectures, we will learn about Structure and Unstructured Data.