Contributor Guidelines

This guideline is formulated for the CS Taleem contributor section.


To begin, please create an account on our website. The registration process consists of three simple steps to prevent spam and authenticate our writers. You can access the registration page here. Once you have registered, our editors will assess your profile and either approve or reject your request. If your request is approved, you will be granted contributor status for CS Taleem. Congratulations!

Status of new writer

After registering, writers start as contributors for at least five post submissions. Your one-year membership includes one free post, but additional posts can be purchased at any time. Once several posts have been completed and reviewed, writers may become authors and submit posts directly. You can request a manual assessment to review your status.

Purpose of becoming a writer on TechEngage

The desired outcome of being a writer on CS Taleem should be focused on providing exposure, knowledge, and personal branding rather than link building, and all writers are expected to adhere to established guidelines strictly.

Here are the points you should keep in mind before publishing on CS Taleem.

  1. All contributors must include citations to established, reputable websites when submitting any content.
  2. It is essential to include a custom-designed featured image; however, if you would like a graphic designer to design it, there is an in-house designer available for a nominal fee of $5. Please adhere to our brand kit when creating a watermark and we recommend using Canva with an image size of 1600 x 1200px for the design.
  3. The links will be marked as a “UGC” tag as per Google guidelines. Google may consider the links if you write a genuine informational piece.
  4. The editorial team will go through each post before approval. We may remove the content and alter or remove the links before or after publishing the content. This is to protect the spam.
  5. CS Taleem editorial team may not approve your content if it’s spammy, of no use, and or not in accordance with these guidelines.


  1. Credibility, Exposure, and Brand Recognition.
  2. One free post annually. Additional posts available for purchase at any time.
  3. Understanding the writing process.
  4. Gain valuable experience with a dynamic team that will enhance your proficiency in advanced writing techniques.
  5. To gain significant exposure in the Education industry.
  6. Create a dedicated author profile with links to your social media accounts and website.
  7. The post’s quality determines whether it will be featured on CS Taleem.
  8. The post may appear in Google, Bing, and Apple News.
  9. CS Taleem may share the Post on its Social Media accounts.
  10. We prioritize quality and adhere to the guidelines provided by Google.
  11. If you contribute diligently and provide high-quality content to the CS Taleem website, we will grant you an honorary lifetime membership as an author, completely free of charge. Additionally, we will offer financial incentives to our writers based on their performance.
  12. As an author, you will receive payment from us. Additionally, we may grant you permission to include your Adsense code in your articles.
  13. Writing education sponsorships.


The list is extensive. We will enhance your writing experience on CSTaleem.

First Publication

After becoming a contributor, you have to start writing. we will create a logins for you where you can submit your post and after reviewing we will publish it.