Cookies Policy site uses third parties to support the site through an ad. When advertising our website, some of the third party advertisers might apply web beacon and cookies technology for effectiveness. For example, the Google AdSense program will use cookies to place ads on the site.

Cookies are small text files which get sent to your browsing device by the server of the site. The main reason for having sent the data is for the site to recall your browsing history.

The primary information collected by cookies on the location is you are your browser IP address, your site usage information, the type of browser you are using and any URL link if you used a linking page. The information collected by cookies helps us improve our website based on your interests. We later analyze your use of the site for enhanced user experience.

Types of cookies used by

Essential/ Necessary cookies

These types of cookies are a must for website to run. Without using these cookies on our website, some sections of the site might not function at all. essential cookies do not collect your IP address or personal information which can get used for marketing reasons.

Functional cookies functional cookies recall your preference when on our website, to provide features which are personal and enhanced. The cookies do not gather personal information hence personal identification is impossible. Although these cookies can help us with advertising, they do not obtain your website usage information, neither any information that can lead to selling of adverts.

Analytical performance cookies website uses such cookies to monitor how the site is performing. It is through these cookies we determine how often our pages get viewed and how often we get unique viewers. The cookies do not gather personal and hence used in enhancing the user experience.

These cookies help us decide on parts of the website that needs regular maintenance.

Behavior advertising cookies uses these cookies with its trusted third party partners offering any service to place adverts based on your interests. Although the cookies gather your online activities, no personal information is collected. The cookies determine which adverts to make based on your website history.

The information gathered by site on how you use the site is stored on our servers. has a right to transfer the information to third parties if required to do so by the law. Besides, there is any third party processing information on our behalf; will transfer the information to it. By using website, you agree to the processing of your data by any of our service provider for any of the cookie reasons above.

Nevertheless, most of the ads are based on your interest as per the information collected. The ads placed on the site by Google will be built on the sites and searches you visit while on the Internet. However, as a user, you may unsubscribe from the cookies anytime.