Internet of Things (IoT)

Before the Internet of Things (IoT), the Internet-connected millions of people worldwide. With the development of IoT, the internet has connected various devices such as smartwatches, home appliances, airplanes, and many things more. This connection of things to each other is called IoT.

With the success of IoT, the Things are rapidly increasing. Everything that is used in IoT has sensors that sense the data continuously and transmit it to other things. On the basis of data, certain actions are performed.

The basic purpose of IoT is to reduce the Human Interaction.

Example of IoT

Let’s suppose a patient wears a smart watch (iBeat) on the wrist, which senses data about heart conditions. If the smartwatch finds symptoms of a heart problem at a certain time, it immediately reports to the nearest Hospital. As the Hospital received the message, an ambulance reached the patient, which was arranged by the hospital. 

In this example, human interaction is minimal. But without IoT, a patient will be too late to manage everything, as explained above.

Tip: For IoT, the basic need is a wireless connection and internet.