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Our Main focus on the following three points

  • Concept
  • Question
  • Practice
Why Concept is Important?

Concept about any topic of any subject of computer science is very important. the failure of 90% students is due to lack of basic concepts of that topic. In this way these kind of student are struct at some level.

Why Questions are Important?

As in Operating System, Data Structure and many others subjects are numerical base. So, with out Questions we cannot understand the topics more clearly. That’ why we have a proper section of Questions.

In the end we will make sure the Practice of all those questions as well.


Why Choose Us?

We are hare to provide quality knowledge about major subjects of Computer Science. So, every student of this website can easily pass the Computer Science exam.

Classrooom Lessons

We are passionate to deliver the classroom environment.In this way students will get the batter Knowledge.

For the purpose of Classroom environment, we are here to solve the problems of any question of any subject related to this Computer Science. For this, you simply send us a message with problem details. Our team will make sure to explain that question in detail.


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Hi, I am Altaf  Founder of CSTaleem. Learn Every Subject of Computer Science with Concept. Most important is that it is all free of cost.

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Burewala, Vehari, Punjab, Pakistan


Website: CStaleem.com

Latest Posts of Website

Remove Null Production from CFG

Remove Null Production from CFG Sometimes some production rules of CFGs containing redundant null (epsilon) moves. In some cases (but not always), We can  remove  all these redundant Null productions from a CFG .   IF G1 and is the CFG which is containing the...

Closure Properties of CFG

Closure Properties of CFG Context Free languages (CFG) are accepted by pushdown automata (PDA) but not by finite automata (FA). Context free grammar generates the Context free languages. Let discuss some Closure Properties of CFG.   CFG Closure Properties Consider L1...

Transition Function in PDA

Transition Function in PDA There are three basic cases in Pushdown automata (PDA) to well understand the functionality of transition function.   As we Know that transition function is Q × (∑ ∪ {ε}) x Γ  à Q × Γ *. Where Γ represents the symbol which is at the Top of...

Pushdown Automata Introduction

Pushdown Automata Introduction A pushdown automaton (PDA) is a way to implement a context-free grammar (CFG) in a similar way we design Finite Automata (FA) for a regular grammar (RG). A DFA has limited memory, but a PDA can hold unlimited memory. Basically a Pushdown...

Ambiguity in Context Free Grammar

Ambiguity in Context Free Grammar There is still no algorithm exists which check ambiguity of grammar. But we use a general approach to find the ambiguity in Context Free grammar. On the basis of number of derivation trees, ambiguity Grammar is classified into two...

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