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Data Structure

  • The Data structure is a collection of data values, relationship between data values, and the some operations which are applied to the data.
  • Data Structures is also used in various fields of Computer Science i.e. OS, programming, Compiler Design, Autometa,  AI, Graphics Design etc.
  • Examples of Data Structures are arrays, graph, Linked List, Queue, Stack etc.
  • Data structure provides the algorithm which helps the programmer to develop the software.

Basic Terminology

  • Data: 
  • Group Items: 
  • Record: 
  • File:
  • Attribute and Entity: 
  • Field:

Need of Data Structures

  • Processor speed: 
  • Data Search:
  • Multiple requests

Advantages of Data Structures

  • Efficiency: 
  • Reusability: 
  • Abstraction: 

Operations on data structure

  • 1) Traversing: 
  • 2) Insertion:
  • 3) Deletion:
  • 4) Searching: 
  • 5) Sorting: 
  • 6) Merging: 

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