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CS Taleem fully understands and complies with the ethical code of journalism. Keeping in mind the responsibility mainstream media entails, CS Taleem has adopted the following principles:

Terms Acceptance

The use of “CSTaleem.com” or “CS Taleem” website, it is servers and any other activity on the site such as but not limited; different forms of communication, bulletin board, and chat forum are reliable to terms and conditions of the site.

Content Copyright

Any material content present on or accessible through CSTaleem.com and it’ s servers such as data, music, text, photographs, videos, software compilations, all source code, selected and arranged information, as well as any other material, is a property licensed by CSTaleem.Com.

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You can only save the information as stated, which means no right is given to edit, copy, reproduce, vary, use, display, publish, exploit commercially, transmit, store, disseminate or distribute any trademark without and any written agreement with CSTaleem.Com.

However, CSTaleem.Com gives you permission to download or print any extract of the materials, if it is for personal use. However, each copy of the extract MUST have the notice to indicate the content is owned and licensed by CSTaleem.Com.

NONE of the downloaded or printed material is permitted for both commercial and public use.

Content Submission on the Site

Any information, photographs, music, texts, data, software, videos, graphics and any form of material you will upload or post on CSTaleem.Com site will be taken as content. For such content, CSTaleem.Com will not be responsible for it whatsoever. For such content, CSTaleem.com will not assure anyone of quality, integrity, and accuracy.

Additionally, CSTaleem.com owns the right to record the IP address of location when posting, transmitting or uploading the content on the site or via the site.

Also, it can delete any content which is outdated, irrelevant, one that violates the terms and conditions of the sites or one that will receive valid, justified or none of these complaints, without notifying you.

For any content you will post, transmit or upload in the public section of CSTaleem.com such as chat form and other communication means, you own the whole responsibility.

Therefore, you give CSTaleem.com complete royalty-free rights to perform whatever they wish with the content, including displaying it to the world.

Third Party Links and Downloads

Although CSTaleem.com may contain links managed by third parties; it has no authority or control on such sites unless stated otherwise. Therefore, CSTaleem.com will not be responsible for any agreement you will sign with third-party sites, their content and presence.

However, CSTaleem.com will at times get some commission from third-party websites if you link to their product using CSTaleem.com.

You will have to acknowledge and agree on downloads from the site. Although you will have a right to download such information, you will not own the intellectual property right, and you must agree to the end-user license, by not using the download against the set laws and regulations.

Conduct of Visitors

  • when using CSTaleem.com, you agree not to transmit, upload and post any information that is against the intellectual property rights and the rights of a third-party. Additionally, the content should not be abusive, offensive in any form, unlawful, harmful, hateful, vulgar, harassing, one that violates someone’s privacy and any illegal content.
  • Share content harboring software viruses, and files which result in reduced performance of the site
  • Transmit, upload or post promotional material for commercial purposes.
  • Restrict anyone from using CSTaleem.com website.
  • Share unnecessary and irrelevant content or one that has already been communicated to someone else, unless it is necessary.
  • Share content which is out of the subject matter of topic on the website.
  • Use the internet site in ways which are against the terms and conditions, as well as laws and regulations of the site.
  • Seek alternative means of accessing the site when facing a ban.

Disclaimer and Liability

  • Although CSTaleem.com contains links to third-party website information and content, you only use content at your risk. Read our disclaimer policy.

As per law:

(a) any liability resulting from contracts, tart about the site and links to third-party sites and their content is disclaimed by CSTaleem.com.

(b) CSTaleem.com excludes any implied warranty, terms, and conditions of the site, links to third-party sites, their content and accuracy between you and the site. CSTaleem.com does not warrant that the site and third-party sites will be error-free. Therefore, CSTaleem.com is not liable for any economic, reputation, special, consequential and indirect loss caused by the site or by other third-party sites on its behalf.

Privacy Policy

The privacy policies of CSTaleem.com are part of its terms and conditions. Therefore, using the site indicates you acknowledge and agree to the privacy policy terms.