DBMS Notes

Database Languages

  • Database languages are use to read, update and store the data in the database.
  • A DBMS has its appropriate languages and its interfaces to express database queries and updates

Types of Database Language

1. Data Definition Language (DDL)

DDL stands for Data Definition Language. It use to create and update the schema in the database. It is used to update the database schema.

DDL perform the following tasks

  • Create: This command is use to create the structure of new objects in the database.
  • Alter: Alter command is use to change the structure of the database.
  • Drop: Drop command is use to delete objects from the database.
  • Truncate: Truncate command is use to remove all records from a table.
  • Rename: Rename command is use to rename an object.

2. Data Manipulation Language (DML)

DML stands for Data Manipulation Language. DML is use for retrieving/accessing and manipulating data in a database. It handles user requests.

DML perform the following tasks

  • Select: This command is use to access the data from a database.
  • Insert: This command is use to insert data into a table.
  • Update: This command is use to update database.
  • Delete: This command is use to remove all records from a database table.
  • Lock Table: This command controls concurrency.
  • Call: This command is use to call a structured query language or a Java subprogram.

3. Data Control Language (DCL)

DCL stands for Data Control Language. DCL is used to retrieve the saved data. The DCL execution is transactional. It also has rollback parameters.

DCL perform the following tasks

  • Grant: This command is use to give user access privileges to a database.
  • Revoke: This command is use to take back permissions from the user.

4. Transaction Control Language (TCL)

Transaction control language is used to update the changes made by the DML(data manipulation) statement.

TCL perform the following tasks

  • Commit: This command is use to save the committed transaction on the database.
  • Rollback: This command is use to restore the database to original since the last Commit.

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