Introduction to Networking

Modem And Its Types

A modem is a device which modulates or demodulates the signals. The modem receives a digital signal from a networking device (i.e., PC, laptop), converts it into an analog signal, and transmits it to an ISP and vice versa. Speed is dependent on the type and cost of the modem being used. Access to the internet without a modem is not possible. 

Need of Modem

The internet and devices (i.e., phones and computers) hold two different signals. It means that the internet sends data in the form of analog signals, but the computer system can only work with digital signals. So, there is a device that can convert an analog signal to a digital signal and vice versa. So, for this purpose, we use a device called a modem.

Note: The modem holds just 2 ports; one is used to connect with the ISP, and the other is connected to the computer or router.

Types of Modem

The way of  data transmission and how it is installed modem is of two major types

types of modems (internal and external modems)

1. Internal Modem

It is mounted into an expansion slot of the motherboard. It is used for the dedicated computer, and data transmission speed is also slow.

Internal modems are of two types.

  • Dial-up: it uses telephone lines and requires a network access phone number and login information (i.e., username and login ID) to make a connection.
  • Wireless (Wi-Fi): It connects wirelessly and without credentials in certain cases by using Wi-Fi.

Note: dial-up modem can work as external modem as well

2. External Modem

it is connected outside the computer system using a cable and provides a high data transmission rate. So, it is expensive.

Some types of external modems include:

  • USB Modem
  • Cable Modem
  • DSL (digital subscriber line) Modem
  • External wireless modems

Internal Vs. External Modem

A comparison of Internal vs. External Modem is given below

S.No. Internal Modem External Modem
1 It is powered by a PC. It needs an external power supply.
2. It is present inside the computer. It is present outside the computer.
3. It can be inserted into an expansion slot. It cannot be inserted into the expansion slot.
4. It is incompatible with different PCs. It is compatible with all kinds of PCs.
5. Its Price is low because no extra hardware is needed It is high in price. It requires extra cable and setup.