Characteristics of the Internet of Things

One of the many characteristics of the Internet of Things is its ability to connect, identify, and scale, as well as its self-adapting and intelligent features. According to the definition of the Internet of Things (IoT), there are a lot of IoT devices that are interconnected with each other through the Internet. These devices sense the data continuously from their environment. Sensed data can either be shared with each-other or transmitted on a cloud server.

IoT has various characteristics, but the most common ones are explained below,

Significant Characteristics of the Internet of Things 

The characteristics of IoT are as follows. Let’s discuss it one by one.

1. Connectivity 

Connectivity is an essential pillar of the IoT infrastructure. IoT devices should be connected regardless of their presence. Without connection, nothing makes sense.

2. Identity

Each IoT device has its unique identity. If it needs to access the data from a specific device, its identification element is beneficial.

3. Intelligence

The extraction of data from the sensor devices is essential. This data is only helpful if it is interpreted correctly. IoT performs operations on sensed data to make the results useful for us. It is the intelligence property of IoT.

4. Scalability 

The number of IoT devices is increasing day by day. Hence, an IoT’s scalability should be enough to handle the massive traffic.

5. Dynamic and Self-Adapting

IoT devices should dynamically adapt themselves according to situations. For example, a camera can capture data according to light conditions. It is shifted to night or day mode automatically. It is a self-adapting technique

6. Architecture

IoT architecture should be hybrid, supporting different manufacturers. So, it cannot be homogeneous in nature. IoT is not the name of any engineering branch. IoT comes into the picture when multiple domains come together.

7. Safety

Safety should be the top priority. But in the case of IoT, Safety is a big challenge because multiple things are connected through the internet. And security at each node is a critical and challenging task.